20-22 aprile 2018

a Cernusco sul Naviglio

Da Milano: Linea Verde MM2

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DIM District of Independend Makers - Cernusco sul Naviglio

A city-wide open-air museum for the discovery of routes that venture beyond the city centre and the usual art destinations, featuring 50 pieces of street art in augmented reality to explore through different neighbourhoods.


• 53 street art works in augmented reality.

• The first and widest urban mapping of street art.

• More than 200 artists involved in contents co-production.

• 5 tour areas of Milan: Giambellino; Adriano; Corvetto; Niguarda; QT8.

• 150 young locals involved and 50 digital artists.

• Map of itineraries in the 5 areas and a catalogue in AR (165 pag.).

• More than 100.000 content visualizations in 3 month.

Visiting MAUA is simple. All you have to do is: consult the map of the 50 works of street art selected by the residents of the respective neighbourhoods.

The full map is available at streetartfactory.eu, on the Bepart app or in the printed MAUA catalogue which you can pick up for free at BASE, at the City Council infopoint and in bookshops; Select one or more works, build your route and start the tour;

MAUA Information

Websites www.mauamuseum.com

Facebook: @MAUA.augmented.urban.art


Instagram @Maua.museum


Hasthtag: #maua #museoarteurbanaaumentata


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